Foot & Ankle

Foot & Ankle:

Problems are often over treated with orthotics of either the pre made or casted types. Understanding the relationship between the control of the gluteus maximus during our gait pattern and how it controls position of the lower limb at heel strike can greatly affect the restoration of proper biomechanical relationship and decrease foot and ankle problems.

The restoration of proper biomechanical relationships decreases foot and ankle problems.
We, at Dallmeyer, are able to assess the ability of the patient to engage the proper biomechanical support by engaging the four major arches of the foot as the patient walks through his gait cycle. There is a rocker effect in our walking that can also be assessed and restored as it combines with the proper biomechanical alignment of the calcaneus, the talus and the tibia.

Too often, people with glut weakness and inappropriate gait patterns have developed a weight bearing process that encourages the peroneal muscles and the fibula to become overactive. This leads to a loss of support of the main arches of the foot and distorts the rocker biomechanics and can lead to a lot of different pain problems. It is important to address this from a biomechanical and myofascial release standpoint before engaging in supportive devices that allow the biomechanical dysfunctions to go unchecked.

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