Specific Assessments and Evaluations:

Postural Integration – this is the ability to assess the relationship and dynamics of the overall positioning of body parts in relation to each other. This is also assessed with the particular movements that do or do not occur which adds further information for a treatment plan. An example of postural assessment would be the relationship of a tight right shoulder girdle in relation to the left side causing dynamics to the cervical spine. This example can be addressed in other areas of the body as well and will affect the necessary treatment plan.

Biomechanical Evaluation – this is a specific series of analyses of gait and evaluating the appropriate positioning and function of the foot and ankle, the knee, the right hip, the ilium and the low back. These are done visually as well as with video equipment. Assessments of these movements are then studied and evaluated and an appropriate treatment plan can be attained and addressed through this evaluation.

Movement Evaluation – this describes a body part by body part strength and the way those muscles function within their strength and/or weakness and what dynamics those have on the pain problem or dysfunction. This evaluation, along with the postural assessment and biomechanical evaluation, further aides in developing the proposed treatment plan.

Mackenzie Approach – this is generally used to assess nerve related symptoms and how they might be addressed both at the cervical and lumbar spine. This Mackenzie Approach is very specific to flexion and/or extension and a very specific treatment plan is administered depending on the responses through this evaluation.

Neuro Tension – this is a more active and full nerve pathway testing for assessment of the leg or arm, neck or low back pain. This is most commonly used in the arm and leg. Nerve entrapment in the fascia muscle system or from a disc related issue can be assessed and a specific treatment plan around this can be incorporated in addition to the other testing.

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