Welcome to the world of physical therapy and to the unique experience you will receive at Dallmeyer Physical Therapy. Every physical therapy office offers its own unique presence and function based on their awareness, skill, experience, education and the way that they apply all of these things to assist others toward their general well being.

At Dallmeyer Physical Therapy, we have been able to use over 40 years of experience combined with a multitude of educational opportunities, exercise and hands on experience to create a unique setting where we provide what we feel is the full scope of physical therapy. This means that we view the body as a whole and complete unit and every injury and every attempt at rehabilitation is based on having a complete picture of how the body integrates and moves. This provides a substantial difference between our clinic and others. This basic philosophy allows for a faster recovery and quicker assessment to obtain full potential in overcoming your disability and/or pain problem.

We view the body as a whole and complete unit and every injury and attempt at rehabilitation is based on having a complete picture of how the body integrates and moves.

If you think that 30 minutes for treatment is ample to assess, treat, provide exercises and administer the appropriate hands on tissue time, then think again. We are able to overcome this limitation by approaching all care in a team approach. We administer appropriate levels of movement and exercise rehabilitation with a substantial amount of appropriate hands on myofascial release.

Our ability to provide appropriate biomechanical assessment from a standpoint of postural integration within each and every pain problem and diagnosis sets us apart from other physical therapy services.

We evaluate patients from a neuromuscular and biomechanical assessment as well as from a myofascial postural integration dysfunction assessment. Being able to do this type of assessment allows us to devise a hands on treatment plan followed by an appropriate exercise program that is more dynamic and directly related to the dysfunction.

Our unique relationship with state of the art, advanced physical therapy research specialists such as Chris Powers at USC and John Rosecrance at University of Colorado, allow us to develop programs that are far and advanced in their field.

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We are often asked what our specialty is. Our specialty is treating the body as a whole with a specific focus on back and neck problems. Our unique relationship with the physical therapy research community and our full body focus allow us to develop programs for the knee, the ankle, the shoulder and the elbow and hand that provide a full spectrum of skills for assisting people in overcoming their maladies.

We offer a setting in which it is easy to schedule patients and we easily accommodate insurance issues.

We offer a wide variety of restoration possibilities for the more substantially acute to basic rehabilitation to restore function and range of motion; from a beginning level of fitness to a more advanced level of strength and conditioning.

Our facility offers the unique hands on setting along with basic rehabilitation facilities. We also offer group and individual Pilates training while in our rehabilitation process. We have approximately 3,350 sq. feet of dedicated space for movement and exercise and rehabilitation with a wide variety of equipment including Pilates reformers, strength equipment and floor exercises and balance and coordination.

All of our therapy sessions involve education and purposeful home exercise programs that are easy to follow and can be done on a consistent and regular basis.

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Mission Statement:

"Integrating the time proven methods of experienced hands on coupled with today's advanced knowledge in exercise rehab and strengthening techniques based on the most current biomechanical assessments and integrating these assessments with postural integration."

David Dallmeyer

David Dallmeyer P.T. and Owner