Spine & Neck

Our list of common diagnosis we treat include, but are not limited to, post-op fusions, laminectomies and microlumbar discectomies with both neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons patients with acute injuries, chronic pain, headaches, Harrington rods, scoliosis and the normal sprains/strain.

This is our primary specialty. We have developed extensive treatment protocol and progressive movement processes beginning from basic range of motion to a full body program of stretching and strengthening. This leads to training for their home exercise program while using the MedX and Hanoun machines.

We are the only clinic in Santa Barbara that specializes in neck and back care.

My expertise in this area is due to my extensive study, training and experience working with spine specialists, orthopedic surgeons and private study relating to soft tissue restrictions and treatment of chronic painThis is our primary specialty. We have developed extensive treatment in protocol and progressive movement, a process beginning from basic range of motion to a full body program of stretching and strengthening, evolving into a home exercise program.

We are the only physical therapy office between San Francisco and Los Angeles who own a MedX Lumbar Extension Machine and Hanoun Multi Cervical Unit. These machines are designed to evaluate and treat back and neck pain using statistical data.

We evaluate patients from a neuromuscular and biomechanical assessment as well as from a myofascial postural integration dysfunction assessment. Being able to do this type of assessment allows us to devise a hands on treatment plan followed by an appropriate exercise program that is more dynamic and directly related to the dysfunction.

In understanding the dynamics of headaches, upper back and neck pain, low back pain, postural dysfunction can be explained to some degree as the loss of the weight bearing surface from our spines to our sternums. With prolonged sitting, there is a series of muscle tightness that is triggered through the pectoral muscles, biceps and wrist extensors that inhibits full supination of the hand, allows for tightening of the wrist flexors and increased pressure in the carpal tunnel. The shortening of the rectus abdominus occurs with the forward sternal area and allows for a shortening of the psoas muscles. The pelvis is then distorted by allowing for the shortening of the adductors specifically the pectineus. This chronic internal rotation increases weight bearing into the quadriceps and adductors during gait function and encourages weakness of the gluteal muscles. With the weakening of the gluteal muscles we have other biomechanical distortions of the knee and the foot.

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